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Celebrating Las Vegas Architecture, Design + Culture.

October 27-30, 2022

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Las Vegas City Tours

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Duck Duck Shed lectures & film screenings

Lectures & Film Screenings

Denise Scott Brown: Reflections
Moderated by Jose Gamez

Alan Hess: The View from Flamingo Road: How Las Vegas Mastered Modernism

The Gilded Cage: The Psychology of a Casino
Brian Fink | Jon Sparer | Mitchell Trageton

Two Perspectives of Paul Revere Williams
Carmen Beals | Melvyn Green | Janna Ireland

Duck Duck Shed exclusive tours

Exclusive Home Tour

Jungle Palace

The Private Home of Legendary Las Vegas Illusionists Siegfried & Roy

Walk through the home of iconic magicians, entertainers, and animal activists, Siegfried & Roy. Tour the house, grounds, and animal habitats with a member of the S&R company – the people who knew them best and hear first-hand stories about the work of the highest paid entertainers on the Strip at their time in the location where they cared for, played with, and entertained their cats.


Duck Duck Shed, referencing the seminal architectural text, “Learning From Las Vegas,” is a four-day celebration of Las Vegas architecture, design, and culture.

“Since its founding, Las Vegas has never ceased to amaze, innovate and astonish. The Neon Museum is right to keep the spotlight on how it came to be, and the lessons it still has to reveal.”

– Alan Hess

Duck Duck Shed Las Vegas architecture

Featured Programs

TNM 10th Year Celebration

The Neon Museum's 10th Anniversary Celebration

A rare evening at the home of Las Vegas’ iconic illusionists with a special appearance by Lynette Chappell, “The Evil Queen” from the Las Vegas Siegfried & Roy Production.

Alan Hess

The View from Flamingo Road: How Las Vegas Mastered Modernism

For all its reputation as a glittering desert playground, Las Vegas is also a bellwether shaping modern American architecture.

Denise Scott Brown

Wayward Eye Exhibition:
Photography of Denise Scott Brown

This solo exhibition features the photography of Denise Scott Brown taken between 1956 – 1966. 

Siegfried & Roy

Jungle Palace Home Tour

Walk through the home of iconic illusionists, entertainers, and animal activists, Siegfried & Roy.


Duck Duck Shed is supported in part by a grant from the City of Las Vegas Centennial Commission,
which is funded by sales of the Las Vegas License Plate.